The Sonic Screwdriver has been a staple gadget of the Doctor Who universe for 40 years. While the 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) used several tools that looked and acted like what we now know as a sonic screwdriver, the term “sonic screwdriver” was not used until Patrick Troughton’s episode “Fury From The Deep” in 1968. This was the  first official use of the Sonic ScrewDriver. It made it’s second appearance in the 2nd Doctor’s last episode, “The War Games.”  And it was used as a screw driver that removed a screw from a gun without actually touching the gun.  It was not used

3rd Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver

3rd Doctor with Sonic Screwdriver

to open doors.

It wasn’t until John Pertwee’s era as the Third Doctor that the sonic screwdriver was used to open locks. Exiled on Earth the 3rd Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to get in and out of a lot doors and sticky situations.

The fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker, continued to use a similar design to the screwdriver used in the Pertwee era. Baker always seemed to have his trusty sonic screwdriver in one pocket and a bag full of

The Sonic ScrewDriver of the 4th Doctor

Tom Baker using the Sonic ScrewDriver

jelly babies in another.

With the 5th doctor came change. Not in the design but in actually using it. The sonic screwdriver was destroyed and he did not use one again until his 8th regeneration in the made-for-TV movie in 1996.

But it was with the ninth Doctor in 2005 that everyone’s imagination was again stirred by a futuristic looking sonic screwdriver when Christopher Eccleston took over the role as the Doctor. The sleek body, sliding neck, and blue lightSonic ScrewDriver of the 9th Doctor caused fans old and new alike to want their own copy.

“Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, ‘Ooh, this could be a little more sonic?’ ”
– Captain Jack Harkness (“The Doctor Dances”)

And then David Tennant’s portrayal of the 10th Doctor took the role and his trusty sonic screwdriver to a whole new level.  Thanks to the 10th Doctor we learned Sonic ScrewDriver of the 9th Doctorthat the screwdriver was capable of disarming explosives, disabling security cameras, lighting a candle, reprogramming the TARDIS navigation system, scanning for Vashta Nerada shadows, hack computers, among many other functions.

In fact this series re-generated (pardon the pun) new interest in this awesome tool which could now be had as a detailed replica for a few dollars.

When the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th Doctor he still had the same sonic screwdriver for one episode. But at the end of that episode the sonic screwdriver was destroyed.  The console room of the TARDIS was destoyed by the power of the 10th regeneration and

The 11th Doctor Plays With His Sonic ScrewDriver

The 11th Doctor

so it too was undergoing a regeneration and transforming itself into a new console room. When the 11th Doctor got to see if for the first time the TARDIS presented him with a new sonic screwdriver that rose from a panel on the console. This is the current sonic screwdriver seen in the series that includes a green emitter light and mechanical claw that opens when you flick the tool.

And the replicas / toys for this sonic screw driver are some of the most detailed ever seen. For those who enjoy Doctor Who OR are into steam punk, this sonic is for you!